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Our computers are churning away now looking at similar businesses and building 3 profiles of your business.  It will then compare thousands of ways to process your transactions and give us 3 great options.  But we are still not finished.  One of our Senior staff will then review all of the data and compare it to what their many years in business might see that the computer might miss.  Our Ultimate goal is to provide you with the 3 best options fr your business.
Our Partners
We have partnered with some of the top companies in the industry.

While Merchant Services is our core industry what we strive to do is to not only help you grow your business to more than you imagined but to also do that by finding the funds to leverage without you having to spend your hard earned money.
Our Strategy
Our strategy revolves around knowing your business type and the struggles that wake you up at  2 AM wondering how you will solve them.

Our staff has faced those problems in their own businesses and we have conquered the same struggles and fears.  We have had those same sleepless nights and have learned to sleep all night
Our Ideas
Our founder call himself "The Dumbass Kansas Dairy Farmer."  

Growing up on the farm sometimes problems would arise that had to be solved.  In most cases those problems that seemed the most overwhelming would require the simplest answers.

So early in life he has tried to keep solutions in the simplest forms and has grown many successful businesses. 
We provide the best service you can ever find in the world
We have been in business forever and know Things
That sounds like a very bold statement and some might think hard to back up.  But the fact of the matter is that most of our staff have or do own businesses, have been in top level management or have been industry experts for more than half of their lives.  

The greatest part of all of that experience is that our people come from all walks of life and have work many different businesses.  We they say "Been There.  Done That" they mean it.

We all learn by mistakes and we would rather you learn from the ones we have made and learned from rather than making the same ones yourself.
Over 200 Agents
Our Processors service over 35,000 Businesses
Globally in over 140 countries
Working with some of the largest businesses in the World
This is why everyone always chooses our business
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